Dessert for 20 people. How much should I serve?

Total of 5 different desserts in personal-sized portions.

  • Posted by: TDeu
  • December 4, 2014


Anna December 5, 2014
Depends - what are you planning to serve? In my opinion as a person that cooks desserts for 20-25 people over Christmas, some sweets are more popular than others. Chocolate beats dried fruits almost every time, for example. So, depending on the audiences' tastes, you might need to come up with, say, 20 chocolate bombs and only 10 mincemeat tarts... In short, I'd suggest reducing the number of desserts to make it easier :)
Susan W. December 5, 2014
I agree with ChefJune. 5 is too many. 3 would be a nice number.
caninechef December 5, 2014
5 seems overkill to me also. I think I would do maybe 3 in ample quantities and if someone could not find something they liked, I persaonally would not worry about it.
Liza's K. December 5, 2014
Hi Toshi, if you have 20 people and 5 different desserts in personal portions, it's safe to assume some people will eat more than one and some will be more popular than others. I, personally, would hate to be in a situation where someone didn't get the dessert they wanted, so I'd probably make 40 total desserts, which is 8 of each item.
ChefJune December 5, 2014
Me, too! That's why I wouldn't do 5 different desserts for 8 people! Two, maybe three at the most, and one of those would have to be ice cream.
Nancy December 5, 2014
Toshi - seems you answered you own question. What (else) do you want us to address?
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