Dessert table ideas for holiday party?

I'm in charge of a dessert spread for a holiday party in which guests will be served Italian food. These are the items I was thinking about having:
Mini cheesecakes
Mini cupcakes
Cake pops
Red velvet cake
Chocolate mousse
It's a total of 20 people. Is it a good idea? Suggestions?

  • Posted by: TDeu
  • December 4, 2014


C December 6, 2014
Why not make things easier on yourself and do something like trifle or tiramisu and a cookie platter (including cannoli as suggested by Liza's Kitchen)?
Nancy December 6, 2014
Channing - great ideas! Trifle can be tailored to Christmas with red and green fruits, and - in a glass bowl - serves as a great centre piece for a buffet or sideboard. surround it with some nibble foods (including vegan and GF) and you've got something for everyone.
Liza's K. December 5, 2014
That all looks good - staying with the Italian theme, have you thought about cannoli?
Nancy December 5, 2014
Toshi - they all sound fine. but/and I think we just went through something similar recently...dessert ideas for a party of 25 or 30. Search hotline using "cooking for a crowd" and/or "dessert" to turn up ideas.
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