How many servings of various appetizers should I plan for an open house (20-35 guests)

I've invited the neighborhood to an open house. I have several appetizers, ham, smoked salmon and several desserts planned. How many appetizer servings should I plan to have per person?

Bunnee Butterfield


Bevi November 30, 2015
One thing you can do to minimize stress is make several apps in advance and freeze. I am thinking specifically of the mushroom pinwheels by inpatskitchen. you can assemble and freeze, then cut servings from the pastry log a few hours before service. This holds true for other apps you can find on the site - prepared weeks ahead of the event.
Bunnee B. November 30, 2015
Thanks for the responses Bevi, Nancy, and Chef June. I have the menu planned and many things will be made in advance. Sounds as if I should get to work!
Nancy November 30, 2015
A couple of useful guides (professional chef, restaurant) recommend having 6-8 per person per hour.
ChefJune November 29, 2015
You're going to need more than you think. I recommend/try to have ready a couple of appys in HUGE quantity (like Spinach Balls so I won't run out. Since you're serving ham - plattered, I'm guessing - with condiments and rolls for sandwiches? you may get by with 5 to 7 appys per person. Less if you're passing them.
Another reco: don't serve shrimp unless you can pass them. They are expensive and disappear in an instant if you place a bowl or platter on a buffet table.
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