Mexican dessert?

I'm looking for a recipe for a Mexican dessert for a dinner party. Was thinking of a Mexican chocolate cake or maybe something dulce de leche flavored. Just needs to serve 8 but looking for a really outstanding dessert (not flan) with a trusted recipe. Thanks for any ideas!

  • Posted by: KBDalen
  • December 7, 2014


sexyLAMBCHOPx December 8, 2014
You could make a classic Mexican chocolate cake with a dulce de leche drizzle or dulce de leche butter cream frosting -yum! Or dulce de leche cake.
WileyP December 8, 2014
Chocoflan (also known as "impossible cake") is my go-to special Southwestern/Mexican dessert. I have never tried the recipe here on Food 52 ( ), but it's pretty similar to the one I do use.
cookinginvictoria December 8, 2014
SusanG's Aztec Two Step Coffee Cake, which is part chocolate cake/part terrine, would be wonderful as a dinner party dessert: I tested this unusual recipe and really loved it.
keg72 December 8, 2014
I absolutely love this recipe for tres leches cake. I've made it many times to rave reviews.
aargersi December 8, 2014
hardlikearmours cookies are outstanding!
K_Squared December 8, 2014
If you don't mind going the beverage route, here are two ideas: Mexican Hot Chocolate (also known as Drinking Chocolate), use high quality melting chocolate and add tiny punches of cayenne pepper or cinnamon. Horchata is a refreshing & traditional option you could easily make fancy in the right stemware. There are different iterations of the same recipe around the web, but I've always liked Lindsey's at Love & Olive Oil
Nancy December 8, 2014
I like the spicy chocolate cake. Another riff on chocolate - homemade hot cocoa with deluxe ingredients (70% chocolate, heavy cream, et al) & Mexican spicing. Pierre Herme and David Lebovitz have fine recipes for this. Serve with brandy and a Mexican cookie (wedding cookie, cinnamon, oatmeal, etc).
boulangere December 8, 2014
Or this:
boulangere December 8, 2014
Perhaps this might fit your wish: Spice Life of Pots de Crème:
C December 7, 2014
Here are some delicious more (spicy) chocolate-based ideas:
amysarah December 7, 2014
This recipe for Tres Leches is wonderful and good for entertaining as it's best made a day or two ahead:
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