How long does dulce de leche keep?

I just made several big jars of dulce de leche (great way to use up whey, btw). Information varies as to how long it will keep. Up to one month in the fridge, any other experiences? How would I know when it has spoiled?

Nadia Hassani


Marcy L. August 18, 2017

I've kept & both commercially bought & home made dulce de leche/cajeta/manjar in the fridge for months, safely used it & never had it go bad before it was used up. I have had to thin it by heating it in the microwave with a little milk on occasion. I always have it on hand. Love it on crepes, drizzled on brownies, spread on a split banana with or without melted chocolate, & as a chocolate thumbprint cookie filling...actually solo by the spoonful too!
Rayya April 26, 2013
but how does it keep in the freezer... will it change it's consistency or chemistry at all?
LeBec F. April 27, 2012
such a high sugar content, and milk content so reduced, i would easily give this a year or 2 frozen shelflife. it would prob last much longer, but the freezer taste might start to show (but then again, it might not show ever!)
vvvanessa April 24, 2012
I press a layer of plastic wrap onto the surface of the dulce de leche before I cover and freeze it. I've kept it for several months and had it turn out just fine.
Nadia H. April 23, 2012
Thanks, mensaque. How about freezing it?
mensaque April 22, 2012
Keep it in the fridge.If your jars are well sealed the might last for a month but once you start on a jar, end it in 5 to 7 days.If it smells kind of sour or there's water in it,toss it.
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