What is/are the cheeses in this recipe? They're not listed in ingredients.



caninechef December 9, 2014
While not in the ingredient list, step 7 mentions parmesan.
TheSlyRaven December 8, 2014
Traditionally, bechamel doesn't have cheese in it at all. It's just a cream sauce. Adding cheese creates a derivative sauce, like Alfredo. As LAMBCHOP mentioned, you can use Merrill's recipe (or any other bechamel recipe). If you want to add cheese, I would suggest something like an asiago to pair with the porcini.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 8, 2014
Hi, the recipe author has a blog (click on his name and the blog address is show)however; the recipe is exactly the same as posted here. You could send him a private email through this site (click on his name to do so) or ask/leave a comment on his cooking blog (you will need to sign-up though). For the béchamel sauce you could use Merrill's Birthday Lasagna (on this site) and use her ingredient & cooking instructions for the béchamel. Both recipes use a béchamel (that's the cheese sauce you're looking for) and serve the same amount people approx.
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