Missing a main ingredient for this recipe

Recipe for Sweet Potatoe Chili with Sausage and White Beans did not include the ingredient or amount of sweet potatoes in the ingredient list. Making it now…Help!
Please advise asap!

  • Posted by: Grammy
  • May 10, 2022


702551 May 10, 2022
I would also probably go with 2 small to medium sweet potatoes. This recipe is intended to make 4 servings and a half a sweet potato per person seems reasonable based on the volume of the other primary ingredients (sausage meat, beans, mushrooms, stock).

There's a Jamie Oliver recipe on the Internet for a very similar dish that is intended to serve 4-6 people and he also calls for 2 sweet potatoes.
drbabs May 10, 2022
Is it this recipe? https://food52.com/recipes/38222-sweet-potato-chili-with-sausage-white-beans
I don’t see it either, but the writer says “potatoes” in the instructions, so it’s probably at least two. And as aargersi says, taste as you go and add what you need.
aargersi May 10, 2022
I can’t find anything on line but based on the volume of other ingredients and the fact that the directions refer to potatoes (plural) I’d say 2 smaller or one large sweet potato peeled and diced. It’s not fussy baking so you can’t really mess it up! Have fun and taste as you go!
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