secret to avoiding drip when baking apple pie?

I regularly have "accidents" when baking pies - what can I do to avoid drips burning in my electric oven that won't affect heat/ even baking? Thanks!



K_Squared December 10, 2014
Make sure the cookie sheet has sides on it! Don't make the mistake of using on one of those totally flat cookie sheets - if your oven is even the least bit uneven the juice will run right off the edges
drbabs December 9, 2014
I always put a cookie sheet under my pies when I bake them also. But another thing is to make sure you use fresh apples. If your apples are old, they'll give off a lot more liquid and the pie is more prone to bubbling over.
jaccosta December 9, 2014
Thanks to you, too, drbabs!
aargersi December 9, 2014
I am not sure that you can avoid the drip - all that juicy fruit! I read somewhere to put a cookie sheet in the oven as it warms. When you place the pie on the cookie sheet, the fact that it's hot helps set the bottom of the crust so it won't go soggy on you. I do that whenever I can remember to!
jaccosta December 9, 2014
Thanks so much, I'll give it a try. Happy holidays!
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