Chocolate Truffle Tart using coconut cream

I've made this fabulous and easy recipe, that calls for cream and butter, many times: I want to make it subbing canned coconut cream (regular, not light) and coconut oil for the cream and butter to keep it parve (milk free). Will that work?



ATG117 December 10, 2014
I think it will work, though naturally the taste will be different (and maybe the texture too). Can you report back on results?
creamtea February 1, 2015
I finally tried it--equally delicious whether using full cream and butter or coconut cream and coconut oil. Possibly a firmer result with the latter, but both ways it's a pretty "solid" and very rich filling--if made in advance, worth storing in the fridge, but I brought it to room temp before serving.
Susan W. December 9, 2014
I used coconut milk to make a very rich chocolate pudding. It worked beautifully. I think you'll have great success with it and the coconut oil should work in place of the butter in this recipe. Looks delicious and I want to try it ASAP.
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