I'm trying to make some vegan, gluten free coconut macaroons for a party where many attendees have dietary restrictions. Many eggless recipes call for cream of coconut, which I don't have. Can I sub coconu milk or does anyone have a good recipe suggestion?

Erin Jeanne McDowell


beyondcelery January 8, 2011
It's true that traditional macaroons rely on egg whites for their texture, but vegan recipes have reached a point where that texture can be decently mimicked. The recipe I linked above uses maple syrup or agave as an option and that helps lend the macaroons a sticky, more traditional texture. They won't be the same, but they'll be good. Again, I haven't tried that particular recipe, but it's quite similar to what we used to do in a vegan bakery. You're right, though; there are a lot of good vegan/GF cookie recipes out there as well.
Sadassa_Ulna January 8, 2011
I agree with susan g, there are probably great vegan/gf cookies out there but macaroons rely on egg whites for that macaroon-ey texture. In general, I don't think coconut cream is a good sub for coconut milk unless it is a recipe that stays liquid (like cocktails or soup). Good luck!
beyondcelery January 8, 2011
This recipe is vegan:

I can't vouch for this particular one myself, but it's very similar to how we used to make them at a vegan bakery at which I used to work. For the 2 Tbls flour, substitute potato or tapioca starch. Sweet rice flour would also probably work in that function.

As for the nondairy milk, that's where you can put your coconut milk! Listen to Nutcakes--coconut cream is very different from coconut milk and they cannot be substituted for each other. However, I can confirm that the separated layer of creamy solid on the underside of the coconut milk lid can be used for coconut cream.
susan G. January 8, 2011
www.egglesscooking.com has a macaroon which uses sweetened condensed milk -- OK if you can use dairy... I would just look for a good vegan cookie, since there are many, and give up the "macaroon" search because without eggs or dairy you're straying from its nature. Vegan blogs are rampant, as are vegan cookbooks now.

nutcakes January 8, 2011
Cream of coconut is a different product than coconut milk. It is a little like trying to use evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk. A quick google says that you can use the thick layer that comes on the top of the can when you open it carefully without shaking (this separates better when cold.) But that only yields an inch or so, so you might have to use several cans. I'd think it would need to be sweetened as well. Google "Vegan Macroons" to get more ideas.
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