Does anyone have recommendations for kitchen storage for larger items? I have space on top of my cabinets but don't use it much because it gets grimy

Rather than keeping the waffle iron in the waffle box, the bundt pan in the bundt box, etc, does anyone have good storage suggestions/brands that I can add to my xmas list that look nice? I don't want to pull down a cake pan that I use infrequently and then have to scrub it down hard.



ChefJune December 12, 2014
Heavy duty plastic bags in various sizes can hold the items you store on top the cabinets. Label them so you don't have to look inside to see what's there. When the bags get dusty or greasy, they are easy to change out.
Sam1148 December 10, 2014
Get some of those low voltage accent lights an put them on top of the cabinets. We did have to run a wire and install a dinner switch. But that's where keep things like oversized stainless steel bowls, a wok, A big wooden salad bowl. And colored bottles with stoppers (unfilled).
The light is really nice and rather low voltage and stays on dim at night for those late night kitchen trips.
Pegeen December 10, 2014
As K-Squared suggests, I used to keep things in plastic storage boxes in the empty space between top of cabinets and ceiling. To hide them, I would put my serving trays and decorative plates on stands in front of them. Or if you you have room under the bed, get some of those long, shallow under-bed plastic storage boxes.
K_Squared December 10, 2014
If you are looking for a less expensive method & don't mind having plastic containers on top of your cabinets, check out The Container Store or Target. Sturdy, sealable plastic boxes are super easy to clean and come in so many sizes & colors.

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HalfPint December 10, 2014
I suggest making some drawstring bags (made from inexpensive fabric like muslin). It helps to keep dust off and you can simply put the bags into the washer to clean. You can customize the size for each piece of kitchen tool that you have. If you don't feel like sewing (or even gluing), drawstring laundry bags would work too.
kimhw December 10, 2014
If you are feeling ambitious and crafty you could embroider what each one contains.
Lynn W. December 12, 2014
Use permanent or fabric marker if embroidery is too time consuming or expensive
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