need to know if I can bake a pistachio cake in a bundt pan with sugar, cinnamon and nuts in pan before batter.

recipe calls for 3/4c. nuts, 2 T. sugar and 1 T. cinnamon to be put in pan on top of 1/2 batter, remaining batter and then same amount of sugar, cinnamon and nuts sprinkled on top and hen baked. Need to know if I can put the topping in bottom of bundt pan followed by 1/2 batter, topping and then remaining batter.

Regina Rowan


cranberry December 13, 2018
I wouldn't. You risk it either sticking or burning. Can you do some kind of icing that has those components in it instead?
Regina R. December 13, 2018
thank you, guess I'll have to stick to the angelfood pan and just add the topping on top and bake.
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