Bundt Pan?

Will using a bundt pan change the consistency/results of a loaf cake recipe? I am using a lemon yogurt cake recipe that has never failed me. I wonder if I can try using a bundt pan for the same recipe for better presentation. Thanks!

  • Posted by: bolityzo
  • September 1, 2012


bolityzo September 2, 2012
Thanks, everyone! I doubled the recipe; lowered the temp by 25 degrees and kept checking for doneness after 30 minutes. It was dry in some parts of the cake; but after the glaze, and I let it sit for a few hours. The lemon loaf turned out great - just looks more like a cake now. Thanks again!

nutcakes September 1, 2012
I've doubled loaf pan recipes to use in my bundt pans dozens of times without issue. For doneness I just start testing early. First I make sure the mixture isn't jiggling, then I lightly press a finger and if it is firm I give it the toothpick test.
ChefOno September 1, 2012

I'd give it a try. Start by calculating the volume of the two pans. A bundt pan might hold twice what your loaf pan will.

The increased surface area, especially of an intricate bundt pan, will cause an increased tendency to stick. Prepare the pan well and be prepared to coax the cake out if necessary.

I can think of three factors that will influence baking time (and possibly the oven temp required) one way or the other: The pan surface area, the exposed surface area (due to evaporative cooling), and the increased mass of the batter.

Christine September 1, 2012
I think the main issue would be cooking time since the bundt pan would tend to cook a little more quickly. The browning of the outside in a non stick loaf pan should be fairly consistent in a non stick bundt pan though
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