Substituting for 8x12 inch cake pan

I'm looking at the "Night Before Fruit Cake" recipe at Delish. I've not made this recipe, and am intrigued.

It calls for an 8x12 inch cake pan, which I don't have and don't want to buy. (Tiny kitchen, very limited storage space.)

So I'm wondering what size of pan(s) I could use to make this. I'm thinking of putting 3/4 of the batter into an 8x8inch square pan and the remaining 1/4 into an 8.5x4 inch loaf pan. So the cake in the 8.5 loaf pan will needs about half the time in the oven, I'm guessing?

Or I guess I could portion the 1/4 batter into muffin cups?

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you!

  • Posted by: Ted
  • December 2, 2018


Regine December 3, 2018
Use a 9x13 pan if you
have one. Holds 15 cups. The 8x12 mentioned in recipe is an unconventional size but similar tona 9x13 cake pan. But an 8in sq pan (8 cups) and 8x4 loaf pan (4 cups) is a good choice as well. I think half the time may be enough for the smaller
one. But what i would do is to just insert a skewer to see if it comes out clean. Open and close oven carefully.
Smaug December 2, 2018
It's 96 square inches, and you want to keep the depth close to the same. A 10x10 pan would be great, or 2 7x7, the 8x8 would do for 2/3 the recipe, an 11" round would be perfect, etc- you'd need to do the arithmetic for your pans, and make susre they're deep enough. As long as the cake is the same depth the baking time won't be much affected, but you'll have to do some testing when it gets near to done. much.
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