Does larger "grained" white sugar have a higher water content? Our white sugar doesn't seem as sweet as in the US.

Making cream cheese frosting and can't buy confectioner's sugar in Egypt. I processed our white sugar (which has a larger crystal than normal white sugar in the US) in my VitaMix and added a little cornstarch to mimic the powdered sugar in the US. The frosting was horribly runny. Was wondering if a higher water content might be the culprit.

Karen Watkins


Angela December 12, 2014
Did you use the same amount by weight or volume? Measured before or after processing? Larger grains don't pack as tightly, so you end up with more air filling up part of your measuring cup. If your ground sugar was still not as fine as commercial powdered sugar, then you ended up using less of it, which could lead to a less sweet taste and runny texture.
Angela December 12, 2014
Whoops. When I went to double check, it seems that powdered sugar is actually less dense than granulated, which does make sense when I think about it.
Anyone else got any ideas to help Karen?
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