Removing black-bean stains from hands

Someone from this community must have advice! I made black bean soup this weekend and my hands still bear witness to the fact. I seem to be turning into an etching, starting with extremities, or woefully inept in personal hygiene. I'd be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Eliz.
  • December 16, 2014


bigpan December 16, 2014
I have a spray bottle of water and bleach that I use to clean my wood cutting board and utensils. I also spray my hands and it gets rid of all stains, like beet juice for example. Try it.
HalfPint December 16, 2014
First try rubbing the stains with some cooking oil and then washing hands with soap & water. If that doesn't work, then wash hands with a dish detergent, like Dawn. If that doesn't work, gently scrub with a mixture of salt and lemon juice or white vinegar. In any case, end with a good moisturizing lotion to prevent chapped hands. Honestly, the stains should wear off with time.

Other things to try, fruits with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), like papaya, pineapple,grapes, apples. Mash or puree the fruit, rub into hands, leave on 5-10 minutes (check for skin allergy first) and rinse. AHA is a natural skin exfoliant and can be found in skin care products.
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