making lentil bean soup, calls for black beans, must substitute canned fava canelli or pinto, soup seasoned with paprika, bayleaf, garlic

which bean would be better choice



Chef K. January 8, 2012
You could actually substitute any of those beans for the black, with making something like soup u can really interchange things to whatever you might have on hand
sheredel January 8, 2012
well, jmburns you were right...
sheredel January 8, 2012
kidney beans, would this be better choice for a sub for black beans?
jmburns January 8, 2012
No. Pintos are much better substitute. Texture of kidney would be to different.
ReneePussman January 8, 2012
Just based on size I would go with the pinto beans or the canellinis. The flavor shouldn't be affected too much. Maybe the texture a bit.
hardlikearmour January 8, 2012
I vote pinto as well.
Merrill S. January 8, 2012
I'd use the pinto, personally.
bigpan January 8, 2012
Pinto is closer to black (I think), but fava is much healthier (ref: Dr. Oz).
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