What's the difference between chuck eye roast and chuck roast?

My chili recipe calls for chuck eye roast, which seems quite specific. I'm wondering how much difference there is between chuck eye roast and chuck roast. The local butchers usually have a limited selection, so I may have to make the substitution.

  • Posted by: RussellW
  • December 18, 2014


Donna April 17, 2018
The chuck eye is a continuation of the rib-eye meat. It is similar to the rib-eye meat of the rib primal (ribs 6-12) except that it is located in the chuck primal (ribs 1-5). The chuck eye is also not as tender as the rib-eye meat, but it is still one of the most tender of the chuck roasts. The chuck eye roast is usually braised, but it can also be oven roasted if it is not overcooked. Alternate names for the chuck eye roast include boneless chuck fillet, boneless chuck roll, chuck tender, and scotch tender.
In my own experience, i have tried both chuck roast and chuck eye roast in my guinness beef stew recipe. The chuck roast finishes with a chalky bite that is mushy whereas the chuck EYE roast finishes clean, hardy and a nicer firmer yet tender bite. The Chuck Eye is far superior when braised in liquid for 1.5 to 2 hours cut in 1 to 2 inch cubes. It's just harder to find in grocery stores.
Susan W. December 18, 2014
The chuck eye is one muscle and quite tender and tasty. I love slicing chuck eye into steaks. In chili, I wouldn't hesitate to use either one, but maybe trim some of the fat if you can't find chuck eye.
Pegeen December 18, 2014
More info than you may want to know! http://www.chefs-resources.com/Beef-Chuck-Roast
RussellW December 18, 2014
Thanks. It looks like the leanest part. I'll check with my butcher and see what he can do for me.
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