Chili variations

Found a recipe for chili using Chuck meat cut into cubes. For years I've only used ground meat. Which do you use?
Do you think the Chuck is more authentic? Any tips or suggestions?



GsR September 25, 2017
Family from San Antonio, TX, the birthplace of chilie: chunks of beef and never never ever beans!
MMH September 24, 2017
I'm not a vegetarian but I really don't like meat of any kind in chilie. I live in the Midwest and it's still 90 degrees so it's the last thing I'm thinking about now. But, when my garden is on it's last legs in a month or so I make a great multi bean chillie with peppers and tomatoes from my garden.
BerryBaby September 24, 2017
We too have had an incredibly hot, smoky (due to wild fires) summer. We had the hottest August on record, so I welcome these cooler days and made chili to celebrate!
You're fortunate your garden is still thriving, MMH. The extreme temperatures took a toll on everything no matter how much watering we did. I have about a cup of cherry tomatoes remaining. 🙁
BerryBaby September 22, 2017
Tried the chuck steak chili recipe and the meat flavor was outstanding. Reminds me of meals we've had had Mexican restaurants. Today I'm going to take pieces of the meat and make a burrito.
This is a delicious recipe but my ground beef chili is more to my liking.
This recipe would be great using the meat for burritos, enchiladas, nachos, terrific flavor and the meat is flavorful and incredibly tender.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 21, 2017
Both and and/or? Depends on the flavor profile I'm going after. Here's a recipe I put on the site that I make often:
ktr September 21, 2017
We have made chili both ways, with ground beef and with cubed beef. My husband prefers it with ground beef, I prefer it with the cubed beef. I was told years ago that chuck is more authentic but I don't have anything to verify that. I'd give it a try and see which way you prefer.
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