menu for duck a l'orange

What sides would you serve with duck a l'orange?

Matilda Luk


Lexie December 22, 2014
I would have mashed sweet potatoes. Just boíl The sweet potatoes, and mash them with some butter, milk, a pinch of salt and a pinch of nutmeg. It tastes similar to chestnut puree. I would serve a good green salad with it.
Matilda L. December 22, 2014
Very intriguing! I have some Japanese sweet potatoes in the pantry already--they're drier, lighter in color than the garnet/orange kind, and more reminiscent of chestnuts.
CanadaDan December 22, 2014
So combine them! I'd make a beet risotto by mixing in some puréed roasted beets towards the end. Maybe a splash of balsamic vinegar which goes well with beets and orange. That way you get the rice to soak up all your sauce and the beautiful beet flavour.
Matilda L. December 22, 2014
Nancy and Susan W, thanks for the answers! Mmm, all of those sides sound delicious... Oh, to choose...
Susan W. December 22, 2014
I would serve a very simple rice and a great bread to sop it all up. I suppose you need something green, so a simple garlic spinach will do.
Nancy December 22, 2014
roasted beets go well with orange flavor, or just on their own (e.g., rice and/or chestnut dish (here combined in a risotto, a simple dish of egg noodles or rice to set off and absorb rich sauces.
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