Any tips on roasting a duck in advance and keeping it warm until ready to serve? Or is it best to time it based on when I want to serve?

Antigoni Sander McCloud


Susan W. September 10, 2014
Merrill Stubbs posted a recipe called Slow Roast Duck on this site that looks fabulous. You can find it by typing in the name in the search function above and choosing recipes.
Dominic B. September 10, 2014
What is your end result. I think it would've best to time the dinner correct. The duck should take approx. 1 and a half hours.
Antigoni S. September 10, 2014
Thank you! I am going back and forth on how I wish to cook it, but my instinct was to cook closer to go time!
Liza's K. September 10, 2014
I'd recommend trying to time it as best you can. Duck has a tendency to dry out and it's more likely to do so if it sits in a warm oven for a long period of time.
Antigoni S. September 10, 2014
Thank you, Liza! This was my gut instinct but thought I would check! Thanks for the tip
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