Preserved lemons

Home made preserved lemons have developed bits of opaque white flotsam.....
Are they ruined?

Molly Fuller


Pegeen December 23, 2014
Susan W, don't see a "Reply" icon on your post, so have to make this new post. Fuggadebout the Beast Ham - no problem, no offense taken. I always think we must take a wrong left turn sometimes, to keep the learning and karma in balance. ;-) The leftovers have been delicious.
Susan W. December 23, 2014
You just hit reply to your original post and the string keeps going. No biggie though, I find them. :)

I'll bet in a way, the leftovers taste better because the chaos is over. At least for me, when I've cooked for days, the day after food is what I enjoy more. It's probably partly because of all the tasting that I tend to do.
Susan W. December 23, 2014
By the way, I have had my fair share of culinary struggles and many have not ended as well as the Beast. My most recent were my stuffing muffins for Thanksgiving. They are usually amazing. Somehow, I was off on my cream measurement. I've made them for so many years that I think I got cocky. They were wet inside. Ugh!! As someone else carved the turkey, I chopped the tops of the muffins and broiled them...holding my breath the entire time. It kinda worked. ;)
Molly F. December 23, 2014
Thanks to all for your answers! I shall cease to worry!
creamtea December 23, 2014
a lacy white substance in preserved lemons which develops as they cure is perfectly normal (according to Paula Wolfert in Couscous and Other Good Foods from Morocco; hers has been my go-to recipe for years).
ktr December 23, 2014
I knew I had read about this somewhere. This article might help answer your question a bit more thoroughly.
Pegeen December 22, 2014
Susan W, you are the ghost of Pierino.
Susan W. December 23, 2014
Lol..really? Why?
Pegeen December 23, 2014
The specificity of your answers! It reminds me of several very good cooks here.
Susan W. December 23, 2014
Aww..thanks Pegeen. I feel the same way about you. Horrible Ham or not...sorry, couldn't resist. :)
Susan W. December 22, 2014
It happens to mine. It's not mold. It rinses right off when you rinse the salt off. I did the Wolfgang Puck version which is half salt and half sugar. It's even more pronounced with the sugar.
Susan W. December 22, 2014
Is it actual chunks of white or cloudy liquid? If it's actual chunks, I don't know what that is.
Pegeen December 22, 2014
How long have you been preserving these lemons? Have they been in the fridge the whole time?
ktr December 22, 2014
That is very common with fermented foods. I don't remember exactly what it is but it is harmless.
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