Preserved lemons taste

What are preserved lemons supposed to taste like?

I made a batch 3 weeks ago and today I took half a lemon out if the jar (that was stored in a dark place all this time and shaken every other day) and I rinsed it and "skinned" it to remove the pulp and the white skin.
However when I tasted them I was really surprised they were still quite bitter. I attached a picture of the skinned lemons and I am wondering if I went wrong somewhere?
I never had any, just thought I'd try since I had Meyer lemons on hand.

  • Posted by: Assya
  • April 23, 2015
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Assya April 25, 2015
Thanks a lot everyone for your answers! Like Nancy says it is an acquired taste and I just tried them right out of the jar after rinsing so it was probably not the best test.

I made a food52 recipe tonight ( and the preserved lemon creme fraiche was quite nice. I do not think I would have them on their own, without mixing in a preparation.
Again thank you!
Nancy April 26, 2015
Glad to hear you liked the preserved lemon in context of the recipe. Now try salad dressings, braised chicken, as garnish for hummus etc
Garlic F. April 23, 2015
I guess I only know of one kind of preserved lemons and it is what my Lebanese friends make. They are eaten whole, skin and all, chopped up and added to stuff or sometimes I just eat them as is. They are slightly bitter from the rind, slightly sweet, tart from vinegar, and saffrony, since my friend uses saffron in hers. They are not super strong like American pickles. My friend keeps them for at least a couple of months before tasting them. I don't know what type of lemon she uses though.
Garlic F. April 23, 2015
I forgot to add that the lemons are scored on the ends to make sure the pickling juices penetrates into the flesh. No rinsing before eating--use straight out of the jar.
Nancy April 23, 2015
Assay, they can be an acquired taste. While they don't become sweet, they do mellow with some more aging. I find even i male then that 3 weels is thé minimum for prrseving. They her more mellow with time, say about 2 months total. Also, use them in small quznruties, diced or sliced, e.g. in a salad or stew. And then they shine.
Nancy April 23, 2015
Sorry typos; should have read:
"When I make them"
"3 weeks is the minimum"
"They get more mellow"
"Small quantities"
Susan W. April 23, 2015
They look right. I saw Wolfgang Puck use both salt and sugar. I've been doing that and really like them.
Susan W. April 23, 2015
Also, I just slice them or chop them up and use them sparingly.
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