Pound Cake Problems

My pound cake I always make has been tasting metallic/ fishy lately. I can't figure it out. I use pam baking spray to grease the pans... I haven't changed anything in the recipe.

Kristi Rittenhouse


maryGpastorek December 23, 2014
Check the amount of baking soda your recipe calls for. Too much baking soda will leave a metallic taste in your baked goods.
ChefJune December 23, 2014
Pam spray creates a permanent coating on any surface where you use it. Washing doesn't remove all of it. I found over time that the build up created an unpleasant odor and funky taste to whatever was made in/on those pans. I had to replace them. Spray-on oils are very handy, but not a good idea. Ruins your pans, spoils the food. Better to go the old "butter-paper " route.
Kristi R. December 23, 2014
I think it must be a build up like you said! I always thought the pans looked clean but I'm sure it does build up over time! I had no idea! Back to butter! Thanks
HalfPint December 23, 2014
Is the Pam spray made with canola oil? Canola can have a fishy almost metallic odor to it which is why I don't really like to use. I've learned over the years that nothing is better than butter for greasing cake pans. With butter, I never worry about my baked goods sticking. Best tip ever given: save the wrappers from the butter sticks and use them to grease your pans.
Kristi R. December 23, 2014
That's good to know about the spray! It does have canola oil. I haven't had problems with it until recently! Back to butter to see if that does the trick! Thanks
KimmyV December 23, 2014
I agree with vvanessa. It might be the baking powder. I bought some aluminum free baking powder at traders joes once and my pancakes tasted fine the first time, but after that they tasted horribly metallic. It was the parking powder. I threw it out and found a different brand.
vvvanessa December 22, 2014
Does that mean it's happened more than once? Has the Pam gone bad? Maybe it's an issue with the baking powder, which can sometimes give a funky taste if there is too much of it. Does the pan need a goods scrubbing out because of oily residue, which can also impart a weird taste?
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