Slow-roasted duck

Roasting duck for the first time tomorrow night, and have opted for Merrill's recipe after seeing the multiple raves it has received. I read the comments and the questions posted to he recipe itself, but thought I'd solicit any general and/or recipe-specific tips you all might have. A few things I'm pondering: will this splatter in the oven? (I know Martha suggests lining your oven with foil in her duck roasting guide.) Brush with a plum-based glaze before the crisping step or when it comes out to rest? If I throw some aromatics in the cavity, how will this affect the cooking time? Thanks in advance, and happy holidays!!

Meaghan F


Nancy December 25, 2014
nice to hear the (good) results. Happy Christmas!
Meaghan F. December 25, 2014
Turned out GREAT, thanks for your help! Lined bottom of the oven with foil but splatters/smoke weren't an issue at all. Added ginger and garlic to the cavity and kept the cooking time exactly the same. (Also mixed some five-spice into the salt rub to further the whole Chinese flavor profile.)
Meaghan F. December 25, 2014
Oh, and I opted to serve the plum sauce on the side as suggested.
maryGpastorek December 23, 2014
You can buy a splatter guard like below. You can add aromatics in the cavity and it should not affect the cooking time.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules
Nancy December 23, 2014
lovely to know about these.
Meaghan F. December 23, 2014
Agreed!! Too late to get one for tomorrow night (I'll use foil as recommended above), but I think I'll definitely be picking one up soon
Nancy December 23, 2014
Meaghan - a few thoughts. Yes you may/will have splatter. So, line the bottom of oven, or cover duck for part of time with foil, and definitely follow Merrill's directions to remove duck at intervals & puncture so fat drains off. Aromatics in the cavity will not fill it, so probably will not affect the cooking time. On the glaze - maybe heat and serve as an optional sauce, so people can choose to have plain &/or fancy duck. And, oh yes, save that duck is great making french fries and other sides another day.
Meaghan F. December 23, 2014
Thank you! These are all good tips (although I am already a huge fan of duck fat + potatoes - looking forward to Christmas morning home fries!).
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