Twice Baked Potatoes From the freezer

I made twice bake potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner a couple of weeks ago. When I bake the. In the oven should I put them in frozen or at room temp?

Antigoni Sander McCloud


luvcookbooks December 30, 2014
Your question reminded me that I more or less lived on stuffed baked potatoes and baked lime chicken, cooked in quantity and frozen, when I was a medical student. Stuffed baked potatoes from Molly Katzen's The Enchanted Broccoli Foresy (great title, no?) and chicken recipe from childhood friend. Zapped them in microwave, I think, or ate them cold if no microwave. Thawed on the journey from apartment to school. Your plan sounds better. Glad I am finished w school for now. :)
Antigoni S. December 30, 2014
Meg your note made me giggle! Oh to think about what we used to eat! It sounds to me like you ate pretty darn well!! Back in my day it was Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti and more spaghetti. I have never checked out that book of Molly's but I know all about it, I will need to look at it one day soon. I am glad that you are done with school for now too :) Happy New Year!
Susan W. December 30, 2014
The things we ate in college. Yours was not bad. I remember lots of deli meat rolled up, dipped in mustard and sprinkled with pepper.

I still have my Enchanted Broccoli Forrest. I haven't used or even looked at it in years. I vaguely remember a mushroom soup.
Sam1148 December 25, 2014
I love this idea. Potatoes always go on sale and I rarely use the large bags of them before the eyes start sprouting. This is a perfect way to prepare and freeze a large batch of potatoes.
Susan W. December 25, 2014
Sam, check out Merrill's Baked Potatoes Stuffed With Broccoli and Cheddar on the splash page. It looks mighty good.
Antigoni S. December 26, 2014
It was such a time saver the day of the dinner. Plus, I made a couple extra that I have left in the freezer, cause if you're making 4, you may as well make a few more for a last minute side dish on a busy weeknight! So, I am happy to say I have a few potatoes in the freezer still waiting for me!
bugbitten December 24, 2014
I suppose the trick is to keep the interiors moist without altering their texture, and also get the skins crispy. (!) If the taters have the oven to themselves (yeah, right) start them on low with a few drops of water and then hot oven or broil with a dab of butter on the skins...Let us know your results!
Antigoni S. December 25, 2014
I ended up baking them covered with tin foil for about 45 minutes at 350. Then uncoverd, sprinkled more cheddar on top and cranked up the heat to 400 so it got melty and crisp! They came out perfect!! Moist, juicy, skin was tasty too!!! Thanks for the tips!
Meaghan F. December 24, 2014
I think frozen would be fine - you might consider finishing them with a minute or two under the broiler to crisp them up a bit though.
Antigoni S. December 24, 2014
Thank you Meaghan - and thanks for getting the question. I noticed after I typed it that it was a little unclear! I'll put them in straight from the freezer. Happy Holidays.
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