David lebovitz's chocolate sorbet serving

Any serving ideas for David L's chocolate sorbet? Making it for my brothers 30th birstday, so I want to serve more then just the sorbet. No whipt cream and I have only time to make one ice cream.

Jenny Maria


Nancy December 28, 2014
Almond tuiles (beautiful lacey French cookie), shortbread with pepper (to play off the chocolate), biscotti with hazelnuts
ATG117 December 28, 2014
I love chocolate and orange, and thinking some caddied orange peel chopped up and sprinkled on top might be a wonderful addition. You could do the same thing with white chocolate shavings. Both would add contrast and make it look a bit more jazzed up. I'm not a huge berries and chocolate fan (uness its white chocolate), but thats another obvious pairing. I'm not sure what the texture of this sorbet is like, so it's had to suggest baked other accompaniments.
Jenn60 December 27, 2014
Chocolate & raspberries are a wonderful pair. You could decorate your plates with raspberry coulee and/or a few fresh raspberries. For extra flair add a mint leaf to each. Beautiful & delicious!
Monita December 27, 2014
How about macerated oranges or strawberries: Soak oranges slice in simple syrup with some Grand Marnier or soak 1 pound cut strawberries with 1 tsp sugar and 1 tbl balsamic vinegar. Or bake some biscotti (https://food52.com/recipes/search?q=biscotti+)
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