i'm making frozen cake ice cream pops based off of a loose recipe and need help with the glaze.

i had a frozen tres leches cake ice cream bar at a restaurant that i want to try and recreate. i have most of it down besides the final finish. i looked on the website and the popsicles are only described as "dipped in cream." what kind of cream could they mean? most popsicle recipes i've found are dipped in chocolate or white chocolate but i know this one wasn't. any ideas? thank you!!

  • Posted by: rosie
  • February 16, 2018


HalfPint February 16, 2018
I don't think it's a literal 'cream' coating that they use in the description. I think it's some thing like this vanilla "Magic Shell" coating that hardens quickly after dipping:

If you are pretty sure it wasn't white chocolate, then it's probably a glaze made with powdered sugar and cream:

rosie February 16, 2018
ah - i was thinking the powdered sugar route too! my concern was that because tres leches is already sweet, i didnt want to over do it. the vanilla bean magic shell might do the trick. thank you!
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