I have some chocolate and caramel flavored teas that my family does not like. Are there any drink recipies I can use them in?

Adrian Hunley


Susan W. January 10, 2015
Adrian, like Meg said, steeping milk and making rice pudding sounds like a great idea. I wanted to love chocolate tea, but I just don't.

There is a really good cornbread pudding on this site. Steeping the milk with either tea might be delicious.
lapadia January 10, 2015
I like making Ice Tea with these exact flavors, I like drink plain or with vodka = an Iced Tea Vodka "Martini" here is the recipe I make: https://lapadia.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/iced-chocolate-pu%E2%88%99erh-vanilla-caramel-refrigerator-tea/
luvcookbooks January 2, 2015
Tea flavored a rice pudding nicely.
mstv January 2, 2015
Do you like the flavor at all? If so, you could steep in cream (for whipping) or milk or half and half and then make pudding - like a butterscotch or chocolate pudding following a regular recipe. It would just boost the flavor, in my opinion.
luvcookbooks January 2, 2015
Why not give them to a food bank?
Adrian H. January 2, 2015
That is where I got them. I can't afford to waste food. I think I will try a recipe I found for chocolate chai tea.
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