What is your favorite crab recipe?

I usually have about a half a crab leftover after I boil one.



bigpan January 6, 2015
I'm on the west coast and use Dungeness crab - all I do is steam it with a sprinkle of old bay.
What is left over is called dessert.
Pegeen January 7, 2015
I envy you. I had right-from-the-water Dungeness crabs once when visiting Seattle and they were heaven. I still have a scar on my thumb from the one that did not appreciate being turned into dinner.
keg72 January 6, 2015
You could make pasta -- squid ink linguine would be wonderful -- with a red sauce. Add the crab meat, carefully so as not to break it up too much, to the sauce at the last minute and serve. A little red pepper flakes would be nice, too. The sweet crab, the spicy pepper and acidic tomatoes make a lovely combination.
Chef L. January 5, 2015
Here's a soup that I believe you would have enough crab to make (Dungeness ?):

Pegeen January 5, 2015
You have HALF a crab leftover after boiling one? How did you keep yourself from just eating it? :-) With the Atlantic blue crabs I'm familiar with, half of a crab would be about 1/4 cup crab meat at the most. I can't think of anything to do with it except sprinkle it with some lemon juice and eat it!
Meaghan F. January 6, 2015
Agree - if that's as much meat as you're left with, just eat it plain or throw it on some salad or pasta. In case you've got more, though, this crab cake recipe from Epicurious is hands-down the best: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Crab-Cakes-242592
ChefJune January 5, 2015
I love crab any which way, but one of my very favorites is this simple salad: https://food52.com/recipes/5207-spinach-crab-and-fresh-mozzarella-salad-paula-salad
C S. January 5, 2015
Crab Louie, this isn't my recipe but it gives you an ideahttp://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/crab-louie.html, or a salad of butter lettuce and avocado dressed with olive oil and lime juice topped with freshly picked-out dungeness crab.
HalfPint January 5, 2015
My favorite crab dish, Thai crab fried rice,

This recipe easily doubles.
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