Chilli Crab Sauce

Recently I was at Raffles in Singapore and bought some of their house Chilli Crab Sauce. It is terrific, I wish I bought a case ! Now I need to come up with something very similar without making from scratch. One of my local stores has Singlong brand Chilli Prawn Sauce, and Sambal Ikan Bilis sauce. I bought the Sambal but have not yet opened it.
Can anyone give me some direction as to which might be closer to Singapore Chilli Crab Sauce...what kind of sambal sauce, the prawn sauce, or what.
I intend to use with crab, or prawns, or shrimp (mixed as directed with tomato sauce etc etc).
thanks, Bigpan

  • Posted by: bigpan
  • July 2, 2013


Snafu06 July 3, 2013
I made this with soft shell crab, but you could just as easily make it with crabs and prawns as you intend.
HalfPint July 2, 2013
Rasa Malaysia is a blog you should check out. Her recipes are pretty good and reliable. And she has a recipe for chili crab,
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