Help with chocolate hazelnut spread

I made this recipe for chocolate hazelnut paste: http://cooking.nytimes...

When I added the chocolate to the hazelnut butter, the mixture kind bound up, and got gritty, and oil separated from the mixture. So it seems like an emulsification broke, and the melted chocolate seized at the same time. I ended up melting an ounce more chocolate, and that seemed to relax the mixture a bit, but it's still gritty. I'm wondering what I can do with it - it was a lot of nuts and chocolate! Cake? Brownies? Help? Also wondering if anyone has an idea as to why it went wrong.

  • Posted by: amy
  • January 7, 2015
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1 Comment

Laura W. January 7, 2015
It's possible there is just too much fat in the nuts/butter/chocolate to stay emulsified. I would try blending while adding 1 T of milk or water at a time to change the fat ratio in the recipe. It's also important that the chocolate be approximately body temperature when mixing it with other ingredients. You could heat the mixture before trying to add a few tablespoons of the liquid. This is how I save a broken ganache. The same procedure should work.
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