Almond flour olive oil cake with fruit keeps coming out too wet. HELP!

I've made this cake:

But without the chocolate and used plums. Everytiem I make it it comes out way too wet. Need help trouble shooting!!

  • Posted by: Natalie
  • July 17, 2018


Lori T. July 18, 2018
Fresh plums are one of the juicier fruits out there. Even the original recipe using pears utilized fruit which was still firm, not fully ripened. The chocolate chips also help create a denser texture for the cake. Chocolate helps bring structure to cake, not just flavor. If you think of the cake ingredients as building blocks, things like eggs and flour are the steel beams. There has to be enough structure in your batter to hold up the other ingredients. Almond flour or meal does not absorb moisture as well as some others, and it also has more fat. Add that to the olive oil, and there's very little place for fruit juices to go to be absorbed. So your cake would end up way too wet. If you do not wish to add chocolate, then you might need to add in another meal or flour to provide the absorption and structure it needs. You can also roast the plums in halves to remove some of the extra juice, carefully slice them and add them to the top of the cake. I would also suggest using plums which are still somewhat firm, as opposed to fully ripe.
Stephanie B. July 17, 2018
I think BerryBaby is right - fresh plums are just releasing too much liquid into your cake. You could use some sort of plum preserve to get their flavor (probably on an inside layer or marbled through so it doesn't dry out or burn on top), but then you wouldn't have the look of the fanned out fruit on top :/

You could experiment with pre-cooking the plums to release some liquid, maybe roasting them prior to baking them on the cake? I don't know if they would withstand that much cooking though and still keep their form. Or you could go the opposite direction and keep it simple by topping your baked cake with fresh plums.
BerryBaby July 17, 2018
My guess would be the Plums. They are very juicy and wet. The texture of pears is denser, which would hold up better.
Anyone else have ideas?
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