I've lived 66 years without a pressure cooker, but recent recipes have piqued my curiosity. Is this a " life- changing" tool, or one more pot in the pantry?

  • Posted by: ChefGam
  • January 8, 2015


sfmiller January 9, 2015
Is it a life-changing tool? Probably not--at least not for most people's lives.

But it's a very handy, time-saving piece of gear, particularly if you cook dried beans and pulses, any kind of stock, or meats that require long moist cooking in order to become tender. I probably use mine (an old-school rocker-valve Presto) twice a week on average. There are lots of online resources with recipes and tips.

There was a recent Hotline thread on this subject that you might find useful:
L K. January 8, 2015
You will LOVE IT. I was always fearful, so I got the Fagor Electric. Food is cooked 70% fast, and SO tender.
L K. January 8, 2015
fastER! ;)
ktr January 9, 2015
I've always wondered how you know how long and at what pressure to cook the food? I'm assuming it works similar to a canning pressure cooker in that you need to hold it at a certain pressure. And what do you do if you think the food should be done so you open the lid and it's not done? Do you bring it back up to pressure or cook it some other way?
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