What is the approximate weight of 1 bunch of beet greens for this recipe? I have 3 bunches, but they seem awfully small. I've never cooked beet...

...greens, but imagine they cook up considerably, similar to other cooked greens. Just put some beets in to roast and decided that, for once, I would't toss the greens

Sauteed Pink Beet Greens
Recipe question for: Sauteed Pink Beet Greens


Marissa G. January 15, 2015
I've never actually weighed the greens. My one bunch is usually about the same size as a bunch of chard you would purchase. You are correct in your assumption that they will cook down similarly to any other green. I'd say double or triple the recipe if you have three bunches depending on how zesty you like your food. Good luck!
foodluver January 15, 2015
Thanks. I think I'll double it, because the bunches do seem small - they came from fairly small bunches of baby beets.
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