Ideas for leftover turkey and goose ?



WeLike2Cook December 29, 2010
We use our leftover turkey to make gumbo, and the leftover goose would make a wonderful paella!
RobertaJ December 27, 2010
Turkey tetrazinni ! Turkey and rice. Turkey enchiladas with green (tomatillo) sauce. Turkey and noodle soup, you can give this an Asian twist as well, or even southeast Asian, depending upon your seasonings. Turkey and dumplings, turkey and biscuits.....
sunnyluz December 26, 2010
Turkey curry! Mark Bittman's NYTimes recipe was a huge hit in our house after Thanksgiving.
Kayb December 26, 2010
Turkey spaghetti. Bechamel with cheese, shredded turkey, green peas, cooked pasta. Stir it all up together, top with grated parm, bake until it's bubbly.
bella S. December 26, 2010
My first thought was cassoulet. Yum! Or, Instead of a regular pot pie, what about a shepherd,s pie. I have also made pot pies where I have made a bottom crust out of leftover mashed potatoes. Butter your pie pan or casserole before putting in a bottom layer of mashed potatoes. They get golden, crispy, and crusty. Really good.
hardlikearmour December 26, 2010
Gumbo. Use the fat to make the roux, and the carcass to make a stock. It's my favorite after TG turkey thing to do, because it makes a ton that I can freeze for quick meals over the winter.
pierino December 26, 2010
Pot pie indeed! And you can assemble a fairly simple one using packaged puff pastry. With the goose you could also do something like cassoulet, especially if you don't have an aversion to French garlic sausage. Hopefully there is a fair amount of goose fat left.
Merrill S. December 26, 2010
Pot pie!
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