I've just made stock from the aromatics-covered carcass and skin of my roast "Beggar's Chicken." Your thoughts on how best to use it?

Here's the roast recipe https://food52.com/recipes... The stock is deeply flavored, so it's therefore not particularly versatile. There's no chicken left from the roast; I'm happy to freeze the stock for a future use. Thank you, everyone. ;o)



Meaghan F. January 17, 2015
Yum! Sounds delicious... If the stock is so richly flavored, give yourself a break and make some kind of easy soup without a lot of extra work. A version of egg drop soup, perhaps? Or just add sliced veggies, some noodles, and shredded chicken if you've got it.
ktr January 17, 2015
How about using it for a wild rice soup.
hardlikearmour January 16, 2015
Do you think it would work as a soup served with scripelle? (Which I've only recently been introduced to, and am a tad obsessed!)
Susan W. January 16, 2015
Another idea is Tom Kah Gai soup. Skip the miso and add a can of full fat coconut milk along with the ginger, lemongrass, garlic, tofu and the mushrooms. Kaffir lime leaves (or lime zest and juice) and some fish sauce. I like spicy, so I would add gochujang, but you could easily leave it out. Apparently, I am obsessed by soup right now.
Susan W. January 16, 2015
I think it would make an awesome base for miso/gochujang soup. I entered one in the Rejuvenation recipe contest if you want to see all the things I added to the soup. Lemongrass, ginger, garlic, the dashi (you can use your wonderful stock), tofu, and shiitake mushrooms either fresh or dried. I think my soup and your stock would like each other. :) It would look very pretty garnished with cilantro leaves if you have some left.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 16, 2015
Perhaps some Indonesian fried rice?
Greenstuff January 16, 2015
You know the flavors best, of course. But I think it'd make a great base for a winter squash soup.
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