The guanciale is ready

Now what do I do with it?

Fried some guanciale up the other day and it's delicious. Got about 8 pounds of the stuff so a lot of it is going in the freezer for later.

Can you help inspire me with some recipe ideas that would work well with guanciale?



trampledbygeese January 20, 2015
Thank you for the inspiration everyone. Great recipes. I had no idea how delicious this guanciale would be. Wonderful to have some different ways to use it.

It actually was super-simple to make. Much easier than bacon. The hardest bit was the waiting. It took a whole month, but the best thing is that it didn't need any specialized equipment or environment. For most of them, I did everything in my fridge, except for one jowl which I dried at room temp, which turned out great and was ready a week sooner than the others.

Feel free to keep the recipe ideas coming. I have a lot to use up, and another half a head (including jowl) scheduled for later this month.
Maedl January 20, 2015
I am sure there must be a way to send a message directly without posting, but I can't figure it out, so will try to reach you this way. I came across this lamb ham article and thought you would be interestee. Let me know if it doesn't open for you.
arcane54 January 20, 2015
Maedle, to sned an email directly, go to trampled's user page by "clicking" on her name or searching under "users". You'll see an envelope icon. Click on it and you can send an email directly to trampled without using the Hotline.
trampledbygeese January 20, 2015
Thank you for the link, but unfortunately, I don't subscribe to facebook and it won't let me read the link without logging in.

Sounds like it would be a delicious adventure - lamb ham. This is something I need to investigate. Tried making ram bacon once (cured, smoked belly from a ram) and it was amazing. Ram Ham... it has a nice ring to it.
Maedl January 21, 2015
Thanks, Arcane. I followed your instructions and it worked fine. I had tried just about everything but that yesterday.
keg72 January 19, 2015
Bucatini all'Amatriciana for sure! Although American recipes might call for pancetta to be used, that's out of necessity given the general unavailability of guanciale (which is "supposed" to be used). By that token, you could probably sub guanciale in recipes that call for pancetta. I'm jealous!!!
Meaghan F. January 19, 2015
Yum!! For a something a little out-of-the-box, mix it with herbs and breadcrumbs and stuff some squid. (Many recipes will call for braising it after stuffing, but I prefer grilling it to let the flavors shine through.)
cookinginvictoria January 19, 2015
Lucky you. I love guanciale!

My favorite thing to do with guanciale is make Bucatini all'Amatriciana. Pierino has a fantastic recipe, which won a Wildcard

Fiveandspice's recipe for Roberta's pizza with guanciale and a fried egg is also high on my to-make list:
QueenSashy January 19, 2015
Oh lucky, lucky you!!! You are in guanciale heaven! I love the combination of guanciale and radicchio in this dish
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