I'm tasked with gravy this year. . .for a brother-in-law's deep-fried turkey. Hence, no drippings. Recipe help?

I've already got my turkey stock prepared and raring to go. Thank you! And a Happy Thanksgiving Day and prep season to all.

Judith Peres


Nancy November 23, 2019
There are sriracha and honey-based gravies for deep fried turkey...they give more contrast to the fried turkey than do traditional gravies.
Miss_Karen November 22, 2019
Mire poix.. (spell check typo.)
Miss_Karen November 22, 2019
You can use Turkey or chicken broth(available at most general stores & Trader Joe's or Whole foods...) some poultry seasoning & a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce or liquid smoke. Some milk & fresh ground pepper.
Judith P. November 22, 2019
Thank you, Miss Karen! Fortunately, I made a batch of turkey stock last weekend, currently residing in the freezer. I need to find oomph it out, and I really appreciate your suggestion!
Miss_Karen November 22, 2019
I once had to make gravy at my mom's house & she didn't even have black pepper! I had to improvise. I had a sinus infection, but managed to concoct something. My brother's girlfriend liked it so much she wanted the recipe. Um.... don't know that I could swing that...Had to tell her I've made gravy so often I didn't use a recipe anymore.😉 That part is true. I forgot to mention you could start with a more poix(onions celery & carrots minced). Saute them in some butter then add flour stock etc. Imersion blend and ta da! Gravy!
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