Dinner buffet ideas

Wwe have 10 c0ming for dinner....one a vegetarian, will eat fish, one won't eat fish, and one gluten free!!!! Any ideas?? I was thinking a beef tenderloin, a side of salmon and salads....very expensive! thought about two lasagnas, but there is the gluten! Would love help! Also< I'm nearing 80, so hope to do a lot ahead!

Molly Fuller
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1 Comment

PHIL January 4, 2018
Roast a few whole chickens or parts if you prefer and roast some hardy veggies of your choice at the same time. You can make both in advance Make a side of chickpea pasta which is gluten free ( Banza available at whole foods) They make a mac & cheese version (assuming the vegetarians each cheese) or you can just put some chicken gravy on them. Another side option would be baked potatoes which you can serve with the vegetables. Lastly you can make a tossed salad ahead and put dressing on right before you serve it. Good Luck and let us know what you decide to do.
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