What is a sport pepper exactly?

I would like to pickle my own for Chicago Dogs. The internet is surprisingly vague on what I should actually use, tobacco? Banana? Messed up that I'm from Chicago and don't have a clue but can't get them out east.

  • Posted by: csheago
  • January 20, 2015


mickle January 20, 2015
Order a jar of the Vienna brand sport peppers on line. Don't forget the bright green relish and the yellow mustard! And as suggested above, the steamed poppyseed bun. The Chicago dog is my all-time favorite when I have a craving.
pierino January 20, 2015
Sport peppers are unique to Chicago. They are longish, green pickled peppers. My old boss used to bring me a couple of jars when he came out to visit The closest substitute would be jarred Italian peppers. They are essential to the Chicago hot dog, "dragged through the garden". Make sure you have your poppy seed buns.
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