Uses for pickled peppers aside from antipasto platters?

Does anyone have recipes that call for pickled peppers? I made an omelet yesterday using diced peppers and it was good.

  • Posted by: SKK
  • February 21, 2011


nutcakes February 21, 2011
Use the red ones in a pasta salad with chicken and maybe fontina cheese cubes. Perhaps you could do a veriation on this food52 editor's pick:
Sam1148 February 21, 2011
They would probably make a great pimento cheese too. Plenty of basic recipes for that on the web.
casa-giardino February 21, 2011
Broiled or pan fried chicken. Towards the end of the cooking period, add the pickled peppers. It will give a great taste to plain chicken.
Sam1148 February 21, 2011
Maybe a Shrimp Ajillo . You simmer raw shrimp in a slow oven in a small heat proof dish..with olive oil, peppers, sliced garlic. With enough oil to cover.
It's served with crusty bread..and more bread to sop up the left over oil.
Sam1148 February 21, 2011
Thinking about the Bloody Mary idea. You could do a nice Bloody Mary bar/ brunch with those as a player. (With both virgin and alcoholic Bloody Mary's). Set up with V-8 juice, Bowls of Horseradish, some hot sauces (sriracha, Tabasco, Frank's hot sauce), bucket of ice, Pepper Grinder. etc.
And long skewers that people can choose garnishes---Lemon, Limes, Boiled Shrimp, The Peppers, Pickled Okra and green beans, Summer sausages, (or slim jims), Cucumbers spears, Celery..etc. A bowl of salt to salt the glasses rim. And you could also make omelets.
SKK February 21, 2011
Whoops, should have said that - - Hungarian Red Peppers
latoscana February 21, 2011
What type of pepper?
Sam1148 February 21, 2011
Are these the Greek style pickled peppers? Pepperoncini. They're great in salads, sandwiches, Bloody Marys. Or on "Greek Nachos"...nacho chips topped with ground lamb cooked with greek seasonings. Topped with feta cheese, Then broiled; then the peppers, and chopped lettuce dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, salt pepper and some fresh oregano. (Diced tomatoes and red onions too--but I like them a bit simpler).
jane_grenier February 21, 2011
Diced in tuna/ham/chicken salad (even made from those tasty canned meats known as "potted"--Hormel makes them), sliced on almost any cold cut sandwich.
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