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I have been asked to make a based pasta dish for an event in a disposable chafing dish. (I don't know how many servings are required, since others are also making dishes - the instructions were to make it in a disposable chafing dish). I plan to make this: I plan to make it in a shallow, full size disposable chafing dish with dimensions of 19 5/8 in x 11 5/8 in x 2 3/16 in. Does anyone know whether doubling the recipe will work, or if I should make 250% or 300% of the recipe? Also, when I increase the recipe, should I increase the sauce ingredients less than proportionately so that the dish is not too soupy? Thank you in advance!



caninechef January 26, 2015
I love this recipe, but it is designed to be blasted with heat while in a thin layer. If you are piling it up a bit more you could find the absorbtion significantly different. That said I also think this is probably a pretty forgiving recipe and will end up delicious even if it needs to be cooked longer and consistency varies a bit.
Tarragon January 26, 2015
Thank you all so much. I do plan to keep the dish at the recommended 1" depth (the disposable chafing dish is a shallows one). I'm going to double the recipe as suggested and add some peas and mushrooms. All of your suggestions have boosted my confidence, thank you!
Pegeen January 21, 2015
I'd double the recipe and they should be thankful for such a big pan of such a tasty dish. (Anything that doesn't fit - freeze for yourself.) If anything, you might want to have a little extra sauce on hand to mix in before transporting since the pasta will absorb the sauce when made ahead. I'm assuming you might make it the day before, up to the last step in the oven. Refrigerate. When ready to bake, let come to room temp. Stir a little and taste to see if it seems dry and needs additional sauce. Then do the final step in the oven to brown the top and warm it through.
aargersi January 21, 2015
I think what I would do (in order to avoid MATH) is lay dry pasta in the pan in a sort of loose single layer (to account for expansion) and then cook that much. I would also actually increase the amount of sauce as it sounds like this could sit for a bit and you don't want it to dry out.
Nancy January 21, 2015
@Tarragon. On pan size, I checked a std chart, but yours was (literally) off the charts. Answer is yes you can make one recipe in that pan. Here's the figuring so you can repeat:
§ figure out volume of original. It called for 6 to 8 servings in 1.5 to 2 cup containers; total volume is a big range, 9 to 16 cups.
§ mulrply dimensions of pan to get 252 (all #s rounded) cubic inches
§ Use conversion factor on web , cu inch to liter, 0.0163, which hives 4 liters.
§ four liters x 34 imperial oz = 140 oz 18 cups.
(If you can find a conversion factor cu in to oz or cup, you can combine last 2 steps).

Conclusion. You for sure can fit one recipe, maybe 2x in this pan, but likely not more. Maybe run a test batch at home before event, to see where on the 9-16 cups your version ends up.
Not sure about the sauce multiply factor. Someone else here will know more.

Good luck.
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