A friend of mine gave me a bunch of cardamom simple syrup and lavender simple syrup. I don't use simple syrup much -- any ideas?

Non-alcoholic ideas preferred, but I'd love to hear cocktail ideas too.



Greenstuff March 6, 2011
When we were in Sweden last summer, we had the best dessert--rhubarb sliced very thin, sort of lengthwise, and dunked into a nice hot spice broth, which was then allowed to cool. The rhubarb picked up the flavor of the spices, but remained crisp. It was served with some thick yogurt drizzled with cardamom syrup. It was outstanding.
leftoverquiche March 6, 2011
Sorry, I didn't see the non-alcoholic preference until after I posted. I didn't notice the fine print. The bundt cake (or any cake) is a great idea. You could even mix it into frosting.
leftoverquiche March 6, 2011
Cocktails? Little vodka, little gin?
nutcakes March 5, 2011
You can use the lavendar to make a fruit salad really interesting--add mint too. That's a tip from a friend on another board. She says it is wonderful. I wonder if the cardamom would be nice to use for poached pears?
Burnt O. March 5, 2011
The cardamom simple syrup would be great in chai. Steep 4 teabags in 2 cups of hot water with a cinammon stick, a star anise. a few cloves, a brace of mace, and a little nutmeg. Sweeten with the cardamom syrup. Strain the tea into 1/2 a mug of steaming milk.

The lavender simple syrup would be great with ice cream, or poured over warm pound cake and let to seep in. Make a standard pound cake, and while it's still piping hot in the pan, pour a 1/2 cup of the lavender syrup over it. Yum.
Sadassa_Ulna March 5, 2011
Lavender simple syrup makes a great lemonade with lemon juice and water or club soda. The cardamom syrup might taste good with iced ginger tea?
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