Spicy foods and Hot flashes

When health articles say that spicy foods cause hot flashes, specifically what spices do they mean? What comes to mind are chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika, curry, turmeric, and possibly ginger? Does anyone have knowledge/experience with this?



aargersi January 22, 2015
I have hot flashes from doing the dishes with hot water, drinking wine (sadly), sitting on a warm couch, and sleeping under too many covers. But so far not from spicy food thank GOODNESS. Hopefully at some point they will subside. Getting old ain't for wussies
MTMitchell January 22, 2015
Well, my mom always said getting old is better than the alternative...
Maedl January 22, 2015
If you are talking about hot flashes caused by changing hormonal levels, you might want to look into the relationship between the Mediterranean diet and hot flashes.
Windischgirl January 22, 2015
For me, it's strictly hot peppers, in the form of Sri racha, pepper flakes, hot paprika, or if those ingredients are mixed into a curry. But I can also get hot flashes from the hot temperature of a food, like scalding coffee, and from soy products. But that's me!
jess |. January 22, 2015
in my experience, "a hot flash" is when you start sweating, cheeks redden and you generally feel hot (temperature-wise) during or after eating spicy foods. sometimes with spices, your nose or even eyes can run/drip. hope this helps!
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