I want to make Mrslarkin's Royal Wedding Scones, but do not want to freeze them. Can I make them now and just chill overnight?

Chef Lisa


Greenstuff January 24, 2015
She's answered this question before: https://food52.com/hotline/5554-a-question-about-a-recipe-royal-wedding-scones

She says to keep the oven at 425, and start checking 5 minutes earlier than you would have
Chef L. January 24, 2015
So sorry. I should have checked to see if this had been asked before. Thanks, all.
Pegeen January 24, 2015
Not sure about overnight refrigeration for uncooked dough. Is there a reason you don't want to freeze them? It won't hurt the flavor in any way. You just add a few minutes to baking time. I think freezing is mentioned in the comments for the recipe. (They are delicious!)
Nancy January 24, 2015
You can freeze most scones baked or unbaked, but unnamed gives better tasting results when completed in oven.
Nancy January 24, 2015
Sorry, misread your question. It's about NOT freezing. If you mean to chill shaped but uncooked dough, sorry not sure. Pie dough can chill several hours/overnight, but it usually lacks the leaveners and eggs in scones...which give me pause. Wait for Mrs Larkin or the food service pros who weighed in on partially cooked chicken left at room temp 1.5 hours.
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