I have a huge container of chocolate whoopie pie "off cuts" (not iced) in my freezer that I'd like to use. Any ideas would be most welcome!



ChezHenry January 25, 2015
Cake pops. Basically a blend of cake and icing on a lollipop stick. Plenty of recipes out there, kids love em.
Many bakeries would do similar things with leftover scraps, bound together with leftover frosting, shaped into balls or little animals, then covered with chocolate ganache. I worked in a bakery as a teenager where I saw this trick in action.
Lynette January 25, 2015
Great idea! A friend suggested rum balls, but I don't want to use alcohol. Thanks so much. :)
Merrill S. January 25, 2015
You could fold them into softened ice cream (homemade or store bought) and re-freeze. Also love the idea of trifle -- or how about a chocolate tiramisu?
Lynette January 25, 2015
Oh my, chocolate tiramisu! So soak the cake pieces in the same way as you would the biscuits? My friend recently used some extra mangoes by making a "mangomisu", using orange liqeuer. It was amazing!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 25, 2015
You could use them in a trifle or defrost and make ice cream sandwiches.
Lynette January 25, 2015
I love trifle, great idea! Are icecream sandwiches an American treat? I'm in Australia and can't say I've ever had one. Sounds delicious though, and its been such a hot summer, I'm sure they'd be really popular! Thanks!
Mai T. January 25, 2015
Ice cream cake - use them as a layer
Lynette January 25, 2015
Great idea, thanks! :)
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