I made a big batch of pancakes this morning and have leftover batter. If I keep it covered in the fridge will it still be good tomorrow morning?

Kristin Greene


Kristen W. January 28, 2015
Meaghan, I think you just described the best stoner snack in history.
Meaghan F. January 29, 2015
LOL!! Actually I came up with this in college when trying to find a quick & easy breakfast... I'm not a breakfast person (no eggs, no regular pancakes, no cereal) and usually a dish requires ample pork or chocolate for me to eat before noon. I'd make a batch of silver dollar pancakes once or twice a week and keep them in a ziploc in the fridge, pulling them out as needed. Of course it quickly morphed into a go-to Saturday night drunk snack too. :)

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Meaghan F. January 27, 2015
The perfect snack: Take two leftover pancakes, spread Nutella between them, and heat until crispy in a preheated waffle iron or panini press.
LeBec F. January 28, 2015
meaghan, YOU are a dangerous woman!!
Elaine M. January 28, 2015
Oh my goodness!! I may just revise my opinion on pancakes! Sounds awesome.
creamtea February 2, 2015
Just gave this to my daughter for breakfast. Score!
Nancy January 27, 2015
Or make them all and freeze leftovers (plain or garnished) for another day.
Lynette January 28, 2015
This is what I always do. Definitely saves the mess of cooking up another batch the next day, and just as good when reheated.
Regine January 27, 2015
Yes. I would say up to 2 days. I also sometimes makes the entire batch and then pop leftover pancakes in the microwave for 30 or so seconds.
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