Have you heard about using gelatin to stabilize croquettes (to be deep fried)?

Have you heard about using gelatin to stabilize croquettes (to be deep fried)? I read about this tech. recently, purportedly French (and taught by Michel Richard). I think it also enables croquettes to not fall apart after freezing and before frying. A well respected Boston chef, Gordon Hammersley, used it in a recipe for deep fried mac and cheese, which appeared in the Boston Globe. I LOVE beschamel based croquettes and have had trouble w/ one of my recipes so this really intrigues me. I did (thank you 52 Search) see a neat post from Sam about gelatin in certain lean meatloafs and burgers.

LeBec Fin


Sam1148 February 4, 2015
Hi..The Gelatin thing I use for meatloaf is taken from America's test kitchen. It's intended to replace some 'mouth feel' lacking in lean meatloaf that does not have as much fat.
In the application I use 1/2 cup of stock is mixed with 1-2 tsp of unflavored gelatin and used to moisten crackers and other bits for a meat loaf mix.

As for modernist stuff...heat stable gels can be used like Agar Agar, and the carrageans..It would be lab test to use those...as they can be way more powerful than you think in their gelling ability. Like really tiny gram weight stuff can do powerful things with those.
The M. February 3, 2015
Gelatin will help anything hold its shape while cold, including croquettes. Once the gelatin gets hot, it will melt out.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 2, 2015
Here's another croquette recipe that calls for gelatin from Chef Jose Garces: http://lakeislepress.com/recipes/detail/serrano-ham-croquettes-jose-garces-latin-evolution/
LeBec F. February 3, 2015
This is great, lindsay. Thx so much!!
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