Suggestions please--we just cut up a fresh pineapple that's dry and tasteless. Any ideas for how to use besides compost?

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Cindyatbeach January 30, 2015
I would return it to the store and get my money back.
cookinginvictoria January 29, 2015
What about grilling or broiling it to see if that will bring out any of the sweetness? If you go that route, and it works, this Genius salad is delicious:

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Puddles January 29, 2015
Put it in a jar with 1/3 Vodka, 1/3 Vanilla Vodka and 1/3 Malibu Rum. Let it infuse for 5 days, add a little pineapple juice, chill and strain for great Hawaiian Martinis.
Josie M. January 29, 2015
Or maybe grill it.
Josie M. January 29, 2015
Add to a smoothie with other fruit?
Nancy January 29, 2015
Pickle it. Make it into chutney. Use (with some soy/salt, herbs spices) to tenderize steak. Check web for marinade times based on thickneas of's possible to go overboard and end up with steak mush.
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